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Frager, 1st exporter of Vetiver in Haiti

Frager, 1st exporter of Vetiver in Haiti

For over 60 years, FRAGER has specialised in the production and export of Vetiver essential oil, a highly prized ingredient in the perfume, cosmetics and aromatherapy sectors.

Distributed in Europe, North and South America, India and China, the essential oil is produced with care and sustainable development in mind.

As one of the most important sources of Haitian exports and a mainstay of the economy of Les Cayes – the southern department – vetiver supports around ten distilleries in Les Cayes and provides a livelihood for almost 20,000 farming families across the area.

As a privileged partner, Astier Demarest plays an essential role in the development of the industry by providing financial and material support to FRAGER and the surrounding communities. Through a dedicated development fund managed by a local cooperative, part of the profits from the marketing of Vetiver essential oil is used to finance a wide range of community projects such as :

Construction of an infirmary

Founded by Pierre Léger in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, its aim is to help vulnerable and needy families, particularly those living in rural areas around Les Cayes.

Construction of a cafeteria

All FRAGER employees, seasonal workers and collaborators can enjoy a well-balanced meal in a clean and pleasant area on the factory premises. FRAGER subsidises almost 200 hot meals a day, plus breakfasts and dinners. This initiative also fosters social links and provides employment for a dozen people, three-quarters of whom are women.

The Pierre Léger Foundation

The Pierre Léger Foundation works to promote better organised citizen action in the town of Les Cayes and the surrounding area. Created in 2018 by Pierre Léger, it aims to provide a better humanitarian response in the region. Its areas of intervention include education, vocational training, sport and health.

Financial inclusion of Vetiver root employees and suppliers

In 2016, FRAGER embarked on an ambitious project to integrate a SOGEBANK kiosk (Haiti’s No. 1 bank) directly into its factory premises in order to facilitate access to banking services for vetiver workers and harvesters.

As a result, since 2017, the purchase of vetiver roots and the payment of workers has been made by electronic transfer directly into the beneficiaries’ accounts. Thanks to this system, more than 160 employees and 500 root suppliers have a savings account. In this way, transactions have become both easier and safer for the beneficiaries and the factory administration.

Our Vetiver essential oil is available in conventional and Fair for Life.

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