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Our commitments
Employees, company managers, customers, service providers and suppliers,we can all, each at our own level, change our behaviour to advance the principles of sustainable development in our daily lives, both in the private and professional spheres.
Concerned about having a positive impact on society but also about better respecting the environment, Astier Demarest aims to be economically efficient, socially equitable and environmentally responsible.

Our values

The human being at the heart of our corporate culture

Astier Demarest is committed to its employees, where ethics are the basis of its values through concrete, human and social actions. We consider human development as a factor of motivation and productivity where the quality of life at work is at the centre of our concerns.

Sustainable partnerships for a responsible economy

Our network of suppliers covers all continents and is based on historical partnerships. We work in transparency with the companies we represent to ensure traceability of the entire chain, control product quality and maintain competitive prices.

Reducing our environmental impact

Limiting global warming has become a major societal and environmental issue. As of this year, Astier Demarest will establish its first carbon footprint in order to identify the greenhouse gas emission poles that need to be reduced as a priority. We favour responsible production methods and fair trade projects. We are aware that our practices must preserve biodiversity and the environment as well as respect for people.