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Our history
Grasse, the birthplace and world capital of perfumery... It is in the heart of this exceptional heritage that the company Astier Demarest was born, and for more than 140 years it has continued to cultivate its love of beautiful materials.
Committed to our customers for more than a century, our history is linked to that of perfumery and to our family heritage

Mr. Jacques Bernard founds a brokerage company in which he acts as an intermediary between producers and users of raw materials from perfume plants.

50 years later, Antoine Astier, Jacques Bernard’s grandson, gave his name to the company which became Astier & Co.

Astier takes over the trading activity of Demarest, which enables it to diversify with the integration of a range of synthetic raw materials.

The company continues its expansion and acquires the company Leroux, specialised in the trading of natural essential oils. This acquisition is an important step in the company’s development as it has enabled it to expand its product portfolio and strengthen its market position by broadening its range of natural raw materials.

Astier Demarest took another decisive step forward with the acquisition of Greco, a company specialising in the production of organic essential oils. This acquisition allowed the company to reinforce its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

The business was expanded with the acquisition of the fruit department of Vestey Foods, a company dedicated to the trade of processed fruit: juice, purée and natural fruit flavours. This service is partly managed from our office in Paris.

Astier Demarest joins Grasse Expertise®.
In this historic territory of perfume plant production, which extends from the eastern Var to Carros, GRASSE EXPERTISE® brings together professionals in the aromatic sector, who are committed to creating and maintaining jobs in the Grasse region, but also to promoting and redeploying the agricultural heritage of perfume plants.

Each of the members is distinguished by their mastery of one or more of the skills specific to this emblematic industry in Grasse, from the production of perfume plants to the manufacture of aromatic products and the creation of perfumes and aromas, supply, logistics, equipment or packaging, as well as teaching and research.


Astier Demarest joins the Robertet group, the world leader in natural ingredients.
This acquisition is an opportunity for us to develop our sustainable supply chains and to enrich our range of ingredients through the distribution of some of Robertet’s products.

"Today, as a leading sourcing company for natural and synthetic flavour raw materials, we import all our products from their countries of origin, for the perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy and food flavouring industries. We continue to grow by investing in new technologies and expanding our product portfolio to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Imbued with a strong historical and family heritage, the 5th and 6th generations still work together, hand in hand, to pass on their knowledge and love of beautiful materials."
François & Bruno Destoumieux, current directors of Astier Demarest