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Discovering Mallemoisson’s fragrants treasures.

Discovering Mallemoisson’s fragrants treasures.

In the heart of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, lulled by the song of the cicadas, lies the village of Mallemoisson. This is where we were in June, to visit our local partner Jérôme Liautaud. Initially a cereal grower, Jérôme decided to diversify and devote himself to the cultivation of perfume plants, thus offering a veritable olfactory enchantment to this region.

Like a modern alchemist, Jérôme Liautaud knows how to make the most of these aromatic plants. He plants them with care, respecting natural cycles and preserving biodiversity. At harvest time, he selects plants at optimum maturity, guaranteeing the superior quality of the essential oils produced.

Discover Jérôme’s crops:


In July, the landscapes of Provence are covered in a beautiful yellow color. The air is infused with its intense, distinctive fragrance: a blend of hay, curry and honey…
Immortelle, known as the “daughter of the sun”, is harvested in full bloom, over a very short period of time. Jérôme harvests it with a forage harvester.

After harvesting, the flowering tops are steam-distilled to obtain the essential oil. The life span of an immortelle plant is 6 years.

Lavandin Grosso

In mid-July, it’s Lavandin Grosso’s turn to be harvested. Jérôme performs the mechanical cutting. The Lavandin is then taken to the distillery. To heat the material, he pressurizes it using a steam boiler.
Our partner’s plantation covers more than 150 hectares, 70 of which are organic.

Clary Sage

Clary sage is mechanically harvested in August. A forage harvester cuts, crushes and recovers the fresh plants before they are taken to the distillery. Leaves can be extracted fresh or dried.

Each plant offers a unique palette of scents. Lavandin, emblematic of Provence, releases soft, floral notes conducive to relaxation. Immortelle exhales warm, woody aromas, bringing incomparable depth and olfactory richness. Sage offers fresh, herbaceous accords.

Jérôme Liautaud’s essential oils have a wide range of applications. Whether in the cosmetics industry, perfumery, aromatherapy or even as ingredients in natural household products.

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