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SHEDAN (Société des Huiles Essentielles et Dérivés d’Afriques du Nord) has been a distiller since 1944.

It was in 1956, after the frost that decimated the orange trees in the Grasse region, that its founder developed the cultivation of the sour orange tree in Cap Bon. The climate of this region, at the north-eastern tip of Tunisia, is similar to that of the South of France. This period was the starting point for a diversification of the production, which led the company to the first ranks of the distillers of Tunisia. To the essential oil of Rosemary were added all the products of the Bitter Orange tree and the essential oil of Myrtle.

Our two companies have been partners for many years. Antoine Astier collaborated in the development of SHEDAN and was a member of the board of directors from 1956. He was later replaced by Jacqueline Destoumieux.

SHEDAN is Fair For Life certified for its Neroli and Petitgrain essential oils, and ECOCERT CEE certified for its Rosemary essential oil.