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Mermaid Fragrance is a company created in 2020, located in Peniche, a city in the west of Portugal.

Mario Pedro started exploring the business of producing seaweed, halophyte and aromatics extracts for various purposes about ten years ago. He discovered that the geological, oceanographic and climatic conditions of the western region of Portugal allowed for a rich and abundant biodiversity. In 2017, he left his job as a fisheries observer and established himself as a sole trader to focus on his passion: the valorisation of seaweed and plants native to the west coast.

Mario Pedro was able to secure financing, which allowed him to purchase larger equipment, such as stills and columns, and to start producing larger quantities.

In 2020, he founded the company Mermaid Fragrance and motivated a group of specialists in fields as diverse as chemistry, logistics, marketing and project management to create the QuintaQuanta concept.